Solutions designed to increase content reach to rise in popularity

by @JohnGrimley

Sabrina Cote (@Sabrina_Cote10), Social Media Marketing Manager at Brainshark, has authored a very informative blogpost which outlines the importance of increasing the “reach” of content.  “Quality content has certainly become critical” to client development activity.  “But for those efforts to be successful,” Cote writes,” that content also needs to be easily accessible and organized.”

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Citing a recent report from Content Marketing Institute highlighting 50 Content Marketing Predictions for 2014, Cote explains that “Solutions designed to increase content reach will rise in popularity.”  In particular, Cote cites “Joe Chernov (@jchernov), VP of Content at HubSpot”, who explains: “‘The ‘distribution’ slice of the content marketing pie will grow in 2014. As brands begin to create [more] content, the meritocracy (if one even exists) will shift from the ‘best’ content to the smartest distribution.”

What distribution strategy is right for you?

Creating quality content takes time, patience, and an understanding of your client and your clients needs.  But it also requires the strategic vision to understand where those clients will most likely be accessing you content, and how and where to deliver it to them.

Cote sights more developing trends in content strategy in her post entitled 5 Expert Predictions for Content Marketing in 2014.  For anyone who’s decided to produce content to attract an audience, content alone now isn’t enough.  One also needs a comprehensive strategy aimed at informing how that content is written and distributed.

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